"More than a holiday experience, more than an adventure, diving with Deep Ecology is a genuine investment in the protection of Hawaii's marine environment."

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Shore Dives
Oahu has some fantastic shore dives, and we at Deep Ecology have successfully lobbied to create a marine sanctuary in our own backyard. All of our dive briefings include details of endemic species, the status of the ecosystem, and suggestions to enable divers to participate in the protection of the area.

Whether an uncertified beginner, or a seasoned professional - your diving experience with our professional, friendly staff will be something to write home about.

North Shore:

Sharks Cove

Join us on a personalized tour of some of the best diving in the world from the shore. Discover lava tubes and caverns in Pupukea Marine Conservation District, of which Deep Ecology was directly responsible for initiating its reconfiguration. Swim with the fishes, a third of which are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Here, one can witness all the tropical species unique to Hawaii, and being a protected area - the fish are not shy and allow for the taking of great pictures. Examine the extraordinary underwater topography that creates the monstrous waves that make the North Shore the "surfing capital of the world". Named for rock...
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Three Tables

Also within the North Shore Marine Sanctuary that stretches from Waimea Bay to Keiki Beach, Three Tables is a gateway to some phenomenal diving. Explore an underwater church, watch turtles get cleaned, hover in the middle of a giant underwater amphitheater, cruise Waimea wall. You can dive Three Tables everyday for a week and see something new every time. 55ft max depth.
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West Side:

Electric Beach

Come realize that fish have personalities on the West side of Oahu at Kahe Point. Locally it is known as "Electric Beach" because it is across the street from a power plant. The plant runs a large tube under the road and into the ocean to cool itself. It pumps out warm water, giving the sea life a roller coaster of sorts. Swim with our expert staff to the end of the duct and watch turtles and all sorts of aquatic life swim into the pipe and tumble out again, only to swim back again for another ride. Sometimes I swear they are smiling! 31ft max depth.
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Amazing Diving Adventures!!

Thursday, 17th April 2014
Wow! We are having an awesome Spring diving season! The coolest aspect of diving off Oahu during this time of year is the variety of dive sites we explore. We dropped into the crystal blue water and hung out with the Garden Eels at the Corsair on the Hawaii Kai side. A Hawaiian Monk Seal joined us... [More]

Upcoming Courses & Dives!

Thursday, 17th April 2014
We have some exciting courses coming up!

Open Water Course April 27, May 4th & 11th.
Open Water Course April 21, 22 & 24th.
Deep Specialty - April 20 (or use your AOW Deep Dive!), 26, 27 and May 4th. 
Emergency First Responder Course Friday May 2nd -... [More]

In loving memory of Pat Johnson

Saturday, 8th March 2014
It is with deep sadness and incredible heartbreak that we share the news that Pat has passed away. She died of natural causes at home on Monday.
There are no words to adequately express the sorrow we are feeling now.
Her warm heart, steadfast compassion and... [More]